Site Review

Site Review

Service, Repair and Overhaul

Our philosophy is to ensure that the products being serviced meet original manufacturing specifications and tolerances. We provide competitively-priced options for repair, upgrade, or exchange of your equipment.

Site Review

Let GPM Perform Your Site Review

The Scope of the Review Includes:

  • Basic equipment installation
  • Critical startup and operations parameters
  • Recommended machine service schedule and standard maintenance requirements
    Machine service life
  • Availability of additional value-added services and key contacts

Benefits of the Site Review Program:

  • Maximizes opportunity for equipment success AND investment protection
  • Offers early warning of potential problem areas with the installation and planned startup or operational procedures
  • Reasonable expectations for reliability and maintenance requirements are established
  • Provides a comprehensive checklist for documentation purposes and future reference

Business Requirements Include:

  • Completion of installation, including piping, foundation, etc.
  • Completion of customer-defined startup and operational procedures
  • Site Access

Your Benefits Include:

  • Reduces need for trained on-site maintenance personnel
  • Reduces need for on-site spares inventory
  • Ensures your equipment is repaired properly the first time with OEM parts
  • Eliminates costs from improper repair techniques or non-OEM parts usage
  • Extends equipment life through proper maintenance and refurbishment

Business Requirements Include:

  • Decontamination verification sheet
  • Appropriate shipping to service center
  • Serial number and model number
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for process liquids/gases
  • Description of work to be performed
  • Purchase order with contact information