GPM-Eliminator™ slurry pumps are used in applications where other pumps don’t survive.

Find Your GPM-Eliminator™ Solution for Applications in These Industries:

Mining – Open Pit / Underground

  • Slime Settling Sumps
  • Ore Reclaim Conveyor Sumps
  • Ball Mill Sumps
  • Mine Dewatering Clarifier Underflow
  • Paste Fill Operations
  • Concentrate Transfer
  • Smelter Wash Down Sumps
  • Slurry Transfer
  • Settling/Collection Ponds
    Oil Refining & Recovery

    • Skimmer Oil Sumps
    • API Lift Station High Solids Sumps
    • Coker Sumps
    • Sand and Bitumen Sludge Extraction Plant Emergency Dump Pond
    Power Generation

    • Scrubber Sludge
    • Material Handling Sumps
    • Bottom Ash and Fly Ash Sumps
    • Clarifier Ash Removal
    • Coal Galley Wash Down Sumps
    • Main Plant Collection Sump
    • Cooling Tower Overflow Sumps
    • Neutralization Sumps
    • Polisher Sumps FGD Sumps
    • Spent Lime Sumps
    • Condenser Sumps
    • Site Retention Ponds
    • Low Level Waste/Boiler Blowdown Sumps
    • Caustic Sumps
    • River Dredging
    • Plant Water Pumps
    Steel Mills & Heavy Industries

    • Mills Scale Pits
    • Blast Furnace Slag Pits
    • Clarifier Underflow
    Ethanol/Grain Processing

    • Collection Sumps by Fiber Scrubber
    • Feed Loadout
    • Boiler Pad
    • Receiving Bay and Storage Areas
    Pulp & Paper

    • Paper Waste Collection Sump
    • U-Drain Sumps
    • Wood Yard Sumps
    • Clean Up Sumps

    Water Treatment and Wastewater & Sewage

    • Activated Sludge
    • Dewater Holding Tank
    • Sludge Transfer

    • Caustic and Acidic Sumps
    • Waste Sludge Handling
    • Tank Clean Out
    • Clean Up Sumps
    • Waste Collection Ponds
    • Thickener Clean Out
    • Barge unloading
    Food Processing

    • Receiving Collection Sumps Sugar: Lift Stations
    • Anaerobic Clarifiers
    • Aerobic Clarifiers
    • Ash Ponds
    • Rock Catcher Sumps
    • Beet Wash Down
    • Flume Sumps
    • Potato Plants: Plant Collection
    • Wash Down Sumps

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    GPM has a long history of providing customers with custom applications using the GPM-Eliminator slurry pumps. We’re confident we can find a cost-effective approach for your unique situation and we know you’ll be satisfied with a custom solution and a superior pump.

    Whether you’re dewatering for mining, construction, wastewater processing or power generation; our pumps are designed to be reliable, high-performing and cost-effective. With over 40 years of experience under our belts, we can engineer and install a customized dewatering system on any scale.

    The typical dewatering approach calls for a vertical turbine pump or self-priming horizontal pump. Dewatering with a GPM-Eliminator pump solution offers:

    • Reliability – Extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) increases service life
    • Flexibility – GPM-Eliminator can be completely submerged, or barge-mounted
    • Lower maintenance – Self-priming with no auxiliary equipment required; can handle solids in the water
    • Cost-effective – Ultra-durability means lower maintenance requirements and fewer unexpected failures, which means lower lifetime operating cost