GPM Eliminator

The information below has been compiled to answer our most frequently asked questions about our GPM-Eliminator pump line. If you have further questions, it would be our pleasure to help you answer them. Please feel free to contact us.

Are GPM-Eliminator motors compatible with electronic VFD’s?

Yes. All GPM-Eliminator motors are VFD rated for severe duty use. We use Class H insulation to repel heat damage to the windings.

How long can a submersible GPM-Eliminator run dry?

Because we use motors with Class H insulation and we operate the mechanical seal in a full barrier fluid, our pumps will run dry for months. For applications where the pumpage is over 160°F, water cooled jackets are available for motor cooling.

What’s the standard cable length for a submersible GPM-Eliminator motor?

Standard cable length is 33′ (10m). Custom lengths are available.

What are sprayholes?

Sprayholes are simply two quarter-size holes, 180° apart, cut through the pump casing. They allow a small amount of pumped fluid to spray into the sump area and agitate solids into suspension. Sprayholes are standard on our submersible GPM-Eliminator pumps, but pumps can be ordered without them.

Which way do GPM-Eliminator impellers rotate?

Pumps using our Low Head casings have impellers which rotate clockwise, when viewed from the suction end. Even Wear casings have impellers which rotate counter-clockwise when viewed from the suction end.

Are GPM-Eliminator pumps available with quick-disconnect style discharges?

Pumps which need to be removed often for repairs typically use a quick-disconnect discharge and a slide rail. Our customers can easily avoid the expense and maintenance involved with these removal systems. First, GPM-Eliminator pumps do not need frequent repair. Second, by utilizing a readily available, inexpensive, flexible slurry hose, our customers can remove the pump to a working area where the discharge hose can be disconnected.

How do you agitate extremely thick slurries?

GPM-Eliminator pumps are available with a shaft agitator. This device acts like a mixer and aggressively agitates the slurry as it enters the pump.