Typical Applications

Typical Applications

GPM Eliminator - Solid Pumping Solutions

GPM-Eliminator slurry pumps are used in applications where other pumps don’t survive.

Typical applications include:

  • Mine waste (tailings)
  • Boiler bottom ash
  • Hot boiler blowdown
  • Coal pile runoff
  • Limestone/gypsum handling for air pollution control systems
  • Abrasive silica mining
  • Aggregate mining
  • Water inlet screen sumps
  • Pond dredging
  • Sugar beet processing
  • Animal and food waste processing
  • Taconite processing
  • Mill scale
  • FGD systems
  • Mixing and Agitation
  • Dewatering

A lease option is now available for models of the GPM-Eliminator™.