Repair & Exchange

Repair & Exchange

GPM Eliminator - Solid Pumping Solutions

When it’s broke…we fix it. Whether it is one of our pumps (which usually never break) or somebody else’s (which usually break more often), chances are we can get it fixed and back in service in a hurry. Before we repair anything, you’ll get a formal quote for the repairs and an expected delivery time. GPM also has an aggressive trade-in program where you can receive a substantial credit if it’s a GPM pump.

If you’re installing a new GPM-Eliminator or one of our engineered systems, we have technicians that can be on your site for start-ups and ensure that our pumps meet expectations.

We guarantee and offer a one-year warranty on most of the repairs we complete for customers. We can also balance and repair shafts, machine special parts when required and offer complete electrical system testing.

If you have an unusual application, we can send either an engineer or technician to provide solid counsel and input so that you find the optimal solution.

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A lease option is now available for models of the GPM-Eliminator™.